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Jackie Chan Film Gallery

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I loved it, but I'm a JC fan
avg 2019.
I very much enjoyed my visit to the JC Film Gallery. There is lots to see and if I hadn't been tired when I got there I would have spent more time looking at details like the handwritten notes on copies of old scripts and such. Things are arranged in groups (childhood, inspiration, etc etc) so there are interesting things for fans to see and touch throughout. A long wall display of JC's albums, for example, play songs when you pull a CD case out from the wall. Its not all old stuff either - JC's Academy Award is a featured item and it was exciting to read the awesome inscription touting his "unparalleled athletic artistry".
My only complaint was that it was a little warm inside (common in China it seems) and I didn't see an elevator so I had to trudge up a lot of stairs with a bad knee. But otherwise I very much enjoyed it. I would go back again just so I can experience it more vs. just taking photos of everything! I spent about 2 hours there. Could have stayed a little long, but like I said, I'm a fan AND like the little details of things.
Oh yes. Its not the cheapest place to go. I think it was about 110RMB. But the staff at the front and in the store were all very friendly and sweet.
Written 16. avgust 2019.
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Sheena A
Šangaj, Kina56 contributions
Jackie Chan’s Fans Heaven
feb 2019. • Parovi
We have been thinking of visiting this place for quite some times and we finally did today. Located at Shanghai Puxi area about 15 minutes drive from Hong Qiao airport. The film gallery is not huge but has managed to include many stories and history of Jackie Chan.

You can learn about Jackie Chan’s “life story” starting from his early career and his recent productions. If you are fans of Jackie, this place is definitely worthwhile to visit while in Shanghai.

I was quite surprised that there were very few visitors. Probably this place is lacked of promotion to the tourists and public ?
Written 3. februar 2019.
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Bratislava, Slovačka61 contribution
Nice experience
dec 2018. • Parovi
we hesitated to visit the museum because we are not so big Jackie Chan fans... finally very happy of our decision to go :) really nice and interesting place - moreover Jackie’s idea to collect things from the movies and doing an exhibition from the collections.You get deeper into life of Jackie Chan (childhood,movies,charity activities...).The most valuable for me is the message of helping others and the humbleness you can feel from each word declared by Jackie at the tour spots.
Written 14. decembar 2018.
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Andrew M
7.144 contributions
Interesting museum
jul 2018. • Porodično
We visited this museum on a day trip to Shanghai. There is no direct subway line to the museum. The nearest stations are Weining Road on Line 2 (Green line) and Daduhe on Line 13 (Pink line). The museum is in the middle of both stations and a 15 minute walk from either. It may be best to take a taxi from either subway station. The museum is a little difficult to locate, but look for the number 88 which is at the entrance.

Entry fee is approximately 150 yuan, which is very expensive for the typical Shanghai museum. Fans of Jackie Chan will not mind this price, but it may be out of reach for the typical tourist. There were few visitors to the museum while we were there.The exhibits include costumes, sets and original movie posters from Jackie's film career. Many photo ops are in the museum with the many props exhibited. Our favourite area of the museum, was the wall which many museum visitors had written on. We found a small space to write a greeting. Near to the end of the museum, are photographs of stars in entertainment and sport, who wished Jackie good luck. It is interesting to see how many stars you can recognise here.

On entering the museum, a small gift bag is received. It contains a 1 yuan coin and a pin which is shaped as number 88 (the address of the museum).Near to the end of the museum, there is a section that asks for donation of the coin.On the outside of the museum, to the right of the entrance, is a small park, which has a sculpture of Jackie fighting a dragon, and a few other exhibits.This museum is not a must see, but if you are a fan of Jackie, it will be very interesting.
Written 19. avgust 2018.
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Teverola, Italija151 contribution
Jackie Chan's great place
mar 2016. • Parovi
Don't miss this place. If you love the one and only stuntmaster this is a real dream. Jackie chan forever
Written 18. avgust 2016.
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Fernando G
Muscat, Masqat, Oman75 contributions
Nice Jackie Chan's gallery
jun 2016. • Porodično
Stuffs from some movies are in this museum. Is interesting and thematic. We enjoyed this visit. The place is located 30 minutes from the Daduhe metro station, which is the nearest station.
Written 18. jun 2016.
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Šangaj, Kina115 contributions
Well worth the trip and fee
okt 2015. • Prijatelji
This little gallery was so much fun! There are so many places and items to stop and interact with, it is more than worth the trip deep into Puxi and the entry fee. If you are a Jackie Chan fan, this is a must go while you are in Shanghai.
Written 10. novembar 2015.
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Minitha A
Šangaj, Kina37 contributions
Jackie chan film gallery shanghai
okt 2015. • Porodično
This gallery has lot of things used and kept by jackie chan throughout his movie career...the items to see include cars,bikes, dresses,masks etc..in different movies and several awards...it is one off place to go when you visit shanghai...can go by metro line 13 daduhe road
Written 7. oktobar 2015.
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Caloundra, Australija251 contribution
Highlight of Shanghai visit
apr 2015. • Porodično
I was lucky to have visited Jackie's Film Gallery last year for his birthday celebrations. My family and I came again this year and it was even better. Jackie has added more to the collection, from his Dragon Blade movie and there were more items in the shop. We all got to write on the glass and our writings were still there. My son and husband could also add their thoughts which was lovely. When you pay to go in you get a coin and also a JC badge with the ticket. This is so like JC to give you something but also the coin goes to his Dragon Heart charity. The film gallery has everything you want to know about Jackie. Information on his films, his life and his charities. JC is such an amazing person and this is gallery is testament to his generosity and talent. If you love JC and are a fan like me, than its an absolute must.
Written 3. maj 2015.
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Bellevue, Vašington68 contributions
Almost like meeting him in person
okt 2014. • Parovi
Disclaimer: I've been a Jackie Chan fan since I was 5. I've been waiting for this place to open since 2010. I've never met JC, but I've always wanted to.

What to do:
This place is a gallery/museum of Jackie Chan's life, movies, and accomplishments. Some of the things there are to see is:
-Stories and photos of his family and childhood.
-Stories and artifacts from his younger years in the opera.
-Movie film, pictures, and props. Some with a scene of the movie those props were used in.
-Interactive areas for photo opportunities.
-JC's personal collection of locks, awards, and other celebrity photographs
-Fan letters and art
-Gift shop

I spent about 4 hours in there, walking slowly through each exhibit with my wife. I've waited years to go to this place so I wanted to savor it. However, a typical trip should probably take about 2 hours.

What I liked:
-All areas with props JC actually used in his movies were really great.
-I finally found the infamous white seal hat he wore when snowboarding in First Strike (i've been looking for one like it since I first saw that movie).
-JC's collection of other celebrity photographs were fun to look at.
-Seeing his hand prints from Chinese theater was another mystery solved for me (I went to Hollywood looking for his hand prints, but never found them).
-The JC statue and the large Mr. Nice Guy tire outside were great for photos.

What to improve:
-I wished there were more props to look at and even touch.
-The interactive areas weren't completely JC related. The building perspective paid photo op was random.
-There was no real place to really have a good photo with JC. Having a funny wax statue of JC to pose photos with would be awesome. Not one of him in a costume.

What was sad:
-Cost. I don't quite remember exactly, but it was about $30-$40 for a ticket. This is very expensive, especially for the locals.
-Not many people were there. My wife and I were there on a Saturday afternoon for 4 hrs and only saw about 5 other groups of 2-3 people there. The staff were really bored and I don't think this is sustainable.
-The gift shop is lacking in products. I tried very hard to buy things but there really wasn't much to buy. Just maybe 3-4 kinds of shirts.
-The local Chinese actually are not a big fan of JC. Our taxi driver never heard of the gallery and did not speak highly of him.

Final thoughts:
The the small number of people who actually were there, I fear this place is not sustainable and the place will close down sooner or later. If you are even a moderate JC fan with some time in Shanghai, go and check it out before it's gone.
Written 29. april 2015.
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