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I would like to visit Mokra Gora from Belgrade on 23 Dec 2014, is it advisable to stay 1 night in Mokra Gora and is it enough? How to travel from Belgrade to Mokra Gora? By train? Which hotel would you suggest? Thank you.

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My advice to you is to check first weather forecast for this period of the year, that you are planning to go to Mokra Gora ( this area of Serbia is very well known by "capricious" and unpredictable weather) anyhow, if there is snow you can even ski, since Mecavnik, as hotel, have some of very nice ski slopes with lifts in proximity...

From Belgrade you can reach Mokra Gora by car, it is easiest way, car renting is not so expensive ( although check rent-a-car agency, because they are charging some extra money for winter tyres !!!) - it is i think something less than 300 km, from Belgrade use Ibarska magistrala ( direction Cacak, than Uzice and you will see signs for Mokra Gora or use GPS, coordinates are 43.795502, 19.507887 and tel for Hotel Mecavnik is +38131 800686 - my advice to call them prior arrival to book room)

One night, I think is not enough to see this part of the world,I will suggest minimum 2 nights, Drvengrad, where is located hotel Mecavnik is interesting for itself but not the only thing to see there, there is very unusual old train station Vitasi, not more than 3 km from Mecavnik, they are organising interesting tours in old fashion steam train, and during ride, as I recall correctly, some 2 - 2,5 hours you can see the most unusual train ride, lots of tunnels and fantastic nature setting - the train track is known by the name Shargan 8, since tracks are unusalybuilt in the shape of number 8 due to huge difference in ground height - warm recommendation to visit, you will see for yourself !

Hotel Mecavnik is definitely worth visiting, you probably read some comments about hotel itself...i don't know your plan for visiting Serbia, is it just Serbia or you are planing to visit some of others countries in proximity, but if you have time, after Mokra Gora ( Mecavnik) you can visit Visegrad, not more than 30 km from Mecavnik, that is in Bosnia, since border is not far , than Sarajevo...depends of your plans...

Hope that this will help you...enjoy and "give my warm regards" to the Mokra Gora bears :)))

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